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Reese McGuire Nabs a Base Stealer With a 1.88 Pop Time

Reese McGuire is one of the most highly regarded defensive catching prospects in baseball. The following video taken from the West Virginia Power vs. Lexington Legends on 4/5/14 gives you a little glimpse as to why scouts love McGuire’s defensive ability.

The amount of time it takes a catcher to deliver a ball to second base is called the “pop time”. It is a stop watch measure between the pop of the ball in the catcher’s mitt on receiving the pitch to the pop of the ball in the second basemen’s glove on receiving the throw from the catcher. An average pop time for a major league catcher is 2 seconds. The best of the best defensively post pop times below 1.9 seconds. I have Reese McGuire clocked at 1.88 seconds on this caught stealing. That would be a very good pop time for any catcher. For a 19 year old kid in A Ball it is beyond outstanding. Notice how quickly McGuire makes the exchange from the mitt to his throwing hand. It is no wonder the runner was out by a mile.

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