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Pedro Alvarez Finds New Consistency

Pedro Alvarez is on a hot streak. In his last 10 games Pedro is hitting .382 with 4 Home Runs. The recent surge has lifted his OPS from .694 on May 14th to .822. But hot streaks are not unusual for Pedro Alvarez. We have seen him put together hot stretches like this in each of the last three seasons. What has convinced me that Pedro is a much improved hitter is what he accomplished during his most recent slump. From April 27th through May 14th Pedro batted .156 with just 4 extra base hits. But this was different than the past slumps for Pedro. Despite the low average and low slugging numbers during this recent rough period at the dish, he still managed to post a .321 OBP and struck out just 25% of the time. Those rates are significantly better than even his career rates. This was not the Pedro Alvarez of years past that would go into a deep dark funk that would lead to whiff after whiff. This was a hitter that found a way to smooth out his valleys. This is a great sign going forward. If Pedro’s lows aren’t as low, but his highs are just as high he will be an extremely productive hitter. There is no question he has become a more consistent one.


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