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Pirates Settle on the Big Tease at 1B

Today the Pirates acquired utility man Sean Rodriguez from the Rays in exchange for a PTBNL. The trade in and of itself was really back page news to the real story. To make room for Rodriguez the Bucs designated Gaby Sanchez for assignment. This along with the trade of Ike Davis to the A’s a little more than a week ago means the Bucs have purged the roster of the 1B platoon they employed this past season. That can only mean the Pirates are committing fully to Pedro Alvarez as their starting full time 1B in 2015.
Committing to the perennially frustrating Alvarez at 1B is something of a bold move. Pedro is a boom or bust type of hitter that has not lived up to the expectations that the Pirates have had for him. Granted, the expectations have been high. But this is a guy with so much power and so much promise that the expectations were justified. There are stretches when Pedro absolutely looks the part of a middle of the order masher. But there are also times when he looks completely lost, especially against same side pitching. Even more concerning is his psyche appears so fragile and damaged that it may have resulted in a case of the yips that were so bad that he was forced to change from his natural position of 3B. Pedro is a player that looks like a change of scenery could do him some good, and by change of scenery I do not mean the other side of the diamond. But the Pirates just can’t let go of that potential. It is always there and always teasing us. So it appears the big tease is going to man 1B for the Pirates in 2015 with no insurance policy in place in case he fails, and no platoon mate to shield him from southpaws. It might work out. As I previously wrote, the signs are still there for Pedro to break out offensively. But we can almost certainly say this will be Pedro’s last shot with the Pirates to make the kind of impact that we all had hoped for.

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