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Pirates Hitters Stepping Up in McCutchen’s Stead

How do you make up for the loss of an MVP from your lineup? The Pittsburgh Pirates have done it with an extraordinary group effort. Andrew McCutchen has not played since breaking a rib on a August 3rd. Here are the triple slash of players that have picked up the slack in Cutch’s stead (trhu 8/13):
Josh Harrison – .417/.462/.611
Jordy Mercer – .414/.500/.581
Russell Martin – .360/.414/.600
Starling Marte – .323/.432/.484
Gregory Polanco – .303/.361/.485
Travis Snider – .333/.379/.741

This Pirates offense is clicking right now even without Andrew McCutchen in it. Scoring runs is not an issue when a team has five hitters in their regular lineup that are as hot as JHay, Mercer, Martin, Marte, and Polanco have been. Who knows how long they can sustain this kind of production. It could end tomorrow. But they’ve already done a great job of weathering the storm while McCutchen and Neil Walker have been out of the lineup.

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