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Cold Hard Platoon Facts

It is no secret that Gaby Sanchez tears up left-handed pitching and struggles against righties. We all know that Neil Walker has become a liability when he hits from the right side of the plate. It is a well know fact that Andrew McCutchen rakes against all pitching, but absolutely destroys lefties. Here are some lesser known platoon facts for the Pirates. All stats are from 2013 unless otherwise noted:

  • The Pirates faced 131 right-handed starting pitchers and just 31 left-handed starting pitchers last season. The league average was 48
  • The last team that faced fewer than 31 southpaw starting pitchers was the Colorado Rockies in 2006 (29)
  • The Brewers and Cardinals will open the season with no lefties in their rotations. The Reds have just 1.
  • Gaby Sanchez started 30 games against left-handed starting pitchers and 30 games against right-handed starting pitchers
  • Gaby Sanchez faced a right-handed pitcher in 96 different games. In those games he amassed 196 plate appearances against RHPs, or 2.04 PA/GM vs. right-handers
  • Gaby Sanchez faced a left-handed pitcher in 64 different games last season. In those games he amassed 126 plate appearances against LHPs, or 1.97 PA/GM vs. southpaws
  • Neil Walker made just 16 starts against left-handed starting pitchers
  • Pedro Alvarez led the Pirates in plate appearances against left-handed pitchers with 147
  • Pedro Alvarez had just a .310 OBP against right-handed pitchers
  • Jose Tabata had a ground ball rate of 60.8% and 12 infield hits off of righties
  • Jose Tabata struck out 11 times and walked just once against left-handers
  • Brandon Inge struck out 12 times and walked zero times against left-handers
  • Starling Marte had a .523 BABIP against southpaws

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