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Early Spring Training Reports Make Me Vomit

In my opinion the worst time of year to be a baseball fan is the two week period in late February between the date that pitchers and catchers report to camp and the start of Grapefruit League action. Everybody is hungry for baseball. Fans are malnourished from the four months that the game has been absent from their lives. Instead of feeding us meat and potatoes, the journalists that cover the sport throw us gumdrops and candy bars. The coverage of the Pirates this Spring has been especially annoying. I think the beat writers that cover the team were actually sent to Shangri-La instead of Bradenton, FL.
The saccharine reports from the first days of Spring Training almost always start with the “Best Shape Of His Career” report. This year that designation belongs to Gaby Sanchez. Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review seems to have a particularly strong crush on Sanchez this spring. Nearly everyday Rob has something in his notes about Gaby Sanchez while also reminding us that Gaby is in the best shape of his life. The Sanchez stories have really been in overdrive this Spring. He might be the full time 1B, could be a replacement at 3B if Pedro Alvarez were to get injured, and don’t laugh, but according to Biertempfel Gaby might even be a threat to steal some bases this year. I sent Biertempfel an email to confirm whether or not Gaby Sanchez also farts rainbows. So far no response to that, but Rob has confirmed that Jordy Mercer is excited to become team’s everyday shortstop. What would be a real story is if Mercer wasn’t excited.
Other sugary sweet feel good stories include reports from PiratesProspects.com that Gregory Polanco, Andrew McCutchen, and Starling Marte have become the three amigos. Yes, it is true, the soon to be best outfield ever assembled actually takes batting practice together. PiratesProspects.com also provides some rationale for why it is a good thing that a 26 year old prospect that was the 4th overall draft pick in the 2009 draft will start another season in AAA. Despite Tony Sanchez‘s long slow journey to the majors we shouldn’t be worried about his desire though. The Bradenton Herald is reporting that Tony Twitter is hungrier than ever after getting his first taste of the big leagues last season.
I can’t fault the media for all this sappy horse crap. They have to write something, and people are ready for baseball. It is actually a good thing that these are the stories we are inundated with. The only real important news in the early days of Spring Training are injuries. So far the Bucs have been healthy this Spring. All that leaves is this feel good nonsense that makes me gag. The good news is that with Grapefruit League action commencing today there will be some real news to report. Thank god it is time to actually play ball!

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