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Pirates Reach Agreements With All Arbitration Eligible Players

In a flurry of signings just prior to the January 17th deadline to exchange arbitration salary figures, the Pirates have come to terms on one year contracts with all of their remaining arbitration eligible players . Here is the list of signings:

  • Mark Melancon – $2.595 million
  • Gaby Sanchez – $2.3 million
  • Travis Snider – $1.2 million
  • Pedro Alvarez – $4.25 million
  • Neil Walker – $5.75 million
  • Vin Mazzaro – $950 K
    These signings, along with the Charlie Morton three year contract extension agreed to last month, puts a wrap on all the Pirates arbitration eligible players for 2014. The last time the Pirates went to an arbitration hearing with a player was with Ross Ohlendorf in 2011. The Pirates are one of several teams that have taken a hard line stance on arbitration. Known as a “File-And-Trial” team, they refuse to negotiate after the the deadline to exchange arbitration figures. Teams that employ this strategy believe it helps to avoid a messy arbitration hearings by encourageing agents to bargain in good faith earlier in the negotiating process. The “File-And-Trial” strategy appears to be working well for the Bucs.

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